The health & safety of our Guests and Staff are our first priority. At Tinyiko Kruger Lodge we have always adhered to the strictest principles of hygiene and cleanliness. We have enhanced our cleaning schedules and implemented additional cleaning and hygiene practices by:

  • Increasing frequency of cleaning of surfaces in public areas
  • Enhancing cleaning of high touchpoint areas, for example door handles, coffee machines and card machines, as examples
  • Constantly reviewing and stepping up hygiene and safety in all food preparation and handling areas
  • Educating staff on hygiene and the Coronavirus disease and
  • All staff are advised not to shake hands with clients but rather greet you with a friendly smile.
  • Our front of house reminds all guests of the importance of personal hygiene and hand sanitising

Actions you can also take to protect yourself from contracting the disease include:

  • Regularly and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water
  • Travel with sufficient quantities of wet wipes and hand sanitiser (65%+ alcohol content), subject to airline restrictions
  • Avoid touching your face unless you have thoroughly washed your hands
  • Maintain a distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing or generally displays signs of a cold
  • If you feel unwell, have a fever, are coughing or have difficulty in breathing, keep your distance from others and seek medical attention immediately
  • While travelling consume foods that are cooked thoroughly
  • There is no evidence that single-use face masks are effective, but should you wish to travel with them remember not to touch your mask once it is on, and do not attempt to reuse your mask more than once. Discard each mask in a proper bin and wash your hands immediately after removing it.

Should you wish to read more about COVID-19, please visit the WHO website or
phone the Covid-19 Hotline – 08000 29999